Press Release: Visual Presenter MX-P3

Compact document camera.

Announcement of the new model of 13-megapixel A4 size compact document camera.

Visual Presenter MX-P3

Techno Horizon Group of Elmo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: 1-3-4 Shioya machi, Minami-ku, Nagoya)

In the beginning of September 2021, we will launch the “VISUAL PRESENTER MX-P3”, a 13-megapixel high-definition A4 size compact document camera upgraded for schools and educational institutions.

The development of educational ICT is accelerating. One document camera is permanently installed in one classroom. It has been widely recognized as an ICT device and has spread as a tool that can easily display materials at hand on a large-sized presentation device.

Elmo, a leading document camera company, launched the mobile document camera “FF-1” in 2007, and since then, has been developing a mobile document camera that can be folded and carried. However, we have a lineup of document cameras that can be used according to the application.

As “MX-P” released in 2018 as a mobile type that can reproduce motion smoothly with high definition despite its simple function and compact size, reflects the improvement requests from users, It will be released as “MX-P3” with minor functions changes.

[Features of MX-P3 (Underline are the new function]

1) High-definition 4K video A 13-megapixel CMOS sensor

An installed to realize high-definition video of up to 4K (at the time of HDMI or USB output). 4K high-definition video output is now possible even with HDMI. In addition, it is equipped with a digital 16x zoom, which makes it possible to project small characters in a large size.

2) Equipped with SD slot Supports still image/video recording

The main unit is equipped with an SD slot. It is now possible to shoot still images and videos as a record of the lesson. The operation buttons on the main unit are also equipped with buttons for shooting still images and movies, allowing to perform shooting operations at your fingertips.

* Save format: MP4, JPEG (PC playback possible, PC playback not possible

3) Enhanced functions as a Web camera With USB type-C Video Class support

It has functions such as USB camera which can operate smoothly using the buttons at hand. It also has a built-in microphone, which is convenient when using it for web conferences.

A microphone ON / OFF button is newly installed depending on the usage status in the Web conference, and it can be operated by hand. The ON / OFF status of the microphone can be seen at a glance by lighting the LED.

4) Free installation by vertical installation, horizontal installation, and magnet mounting.

The movable camera head and arm allow vertical installation, horizontal installation according to the space. Since the bottom of the main unit is equipped with a magnet can be attached to a blackboard, and possible to take pictures with a camera from a high point of view.

5) Easy, simple operation Compact with HD-definition document camera

Able to connect a TV or projector with a single HDMI or RGB cable, and a movable arm, rotating camera head also can be used for ball stoppers and laboratory equipment. You can project the movement at hand, such as how to use it, at the angle you want to see. Also works with Elmo’s electronic blackboard (xSync Board). Camera images can be recalled from the electronic blackboard with the touch of a butt.

6) Main functions and performance

● High image quality and high frame rate of 4K / 60fps, Full HD / 60fps by USB

HDMI output: 1080P, 720P RGB output: 1080p, XGA

● Lightweight, compact, space-saving, layout free

● HDMI / RGB / USB Easy connection with a rich interface

● Handwritten information can be displayed and shared on a large presentation device or PC by combining it with the optional multi-communication board.

7) Additional lens attachment

Additional accessory with lens attachment able to attach on the head of the document camera

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