Techno Horizon Group Solution Fair 2021 in Nagoya

“Private fair that brings together in company group’s cutting-edge technologies”

This fair is a private fair that introduces new business models with products and systems that take advantage of group synergies, based on the “video & IT” and “robotics” technologies of the Techno Horizon Group; Techno Horizon Co., Ltd., Tietech Company, Elmo Company, Fine Fit Design Company and group subsidiaries (ex. Keiai, Keigurande).

An exhibition space that imitates living in a smart city, which is the foundation of the “rich society” that we are aiming for, and product groups divided into seven businesses will be exhibited in each area. We would appreciate all visitors.

Details of the exhibition and seminar schedule

Event name:       Techno Horizon Group Solution Fair 2021 in Nagoya

Date:                    September 29th (Wednesday) and 30th (Thursday), 2021
Time:                   10: 00-17: 00

Venue: Nagoya City Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Center Large Exhibition Hall (Fukiage Hall) 2-6-3 Fukiage, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 464-0856

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